Missrose Moisturizing Flawless Liquid Foundation.


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What it is:

The face is like a canvas and the foundation base is the magic that is done over it for glow purposes. The makeup result with this type of foundation is flawless with blended skin tone and high-grade face smoothness. Such face foundation is among the longest makeup wear with a retention time of approximately 12 hours. It keeps facial skin light in tone and weight, luminous, healthy, and visually appealing.

Why You’ll Love It:

No powder, Silk finishing texture.
Natural, fresh, and moisturized facial skin is achieved by flawless blending
Blend ability
High coverage
hyaluronic acid
12 Hours lasting
it is non-allergenic and non-toxic.
Light weight
All skin type
How to Use:

Apply foundation in the right quantity with a damp brush or a sponge to offer the skin a sleek physic
Start with the foundation from the center point of your face following the base of the facial skin
Note: Please note that the color of the product may appear slightly different due to variations in lighting during photography or differences in monitor setting

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